Fellow expats.
As you are most certainly aware of Facebook is blocked in China,however this is easily rectified.
Below are a list of the most popular and reliable VPN services which are not only highly secure but also low cost fast and trustworthy, Free services tend to be the opposite proving unreliable slow and above all less secure.

ASTRILL   rating   9/10

GO TRUSTED  rating  9 /10

STRONG VPN   rating  7/10

VPN PRIVACY   rating 8 /10

Why should i use a VPN in Shanghai?
Using a VPN in Shanghai will allow you to access websites that would be otherwise inaccessible, some examples currently include, You Tube and Facebook.
Accessing blocked website are not the only benefits, VPN`s encrypt your internet traffic so that you have a higher level of security against hackers or packet sniffers, and in some cases they may even speed up your website load times.

Last updated by Shanghai Fun Dec 24, 2010.

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