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the Apartment 6th Anniversary June 3rd/4th


The Apartment is turning #6 this year in June and to celebrate we are kicking off on Friday June 3rd with a birthday weekend to remember! Friday is all about the Apartment and what we all #LOVE about it: great parties, awesome DJs, best atmosphere, yummy drinks and food, and of course all our amazing guests who have supported us over the years. Join the celebrations and show the love - see #YOU at the Apartment! 2 Djs, live music by Smokey & Prince OLI, LOTS of photo…


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here i come again shanaghai now


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We are open all Chinese New Year!

Sasha’s & Zapata’s

11 Dongping Rd, Xuhui.

We are open all Chinese New Year!


Sasha’s will be open everyday from 5:00pm to late on Chinese New Year!

We will have a full bar and a special menu with all the Sasha’s favourites including Pizza and Burgers!…


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MandarinGarden make you feel interested to learn mandarin

It maybe bored and difficult for a foreigner to learn mandarin,because of the complicated characters and pronounce ,however , most of foreigners don`t found the interest in mandarin, if you can know it ,you will advance your mandarin level instantly. 

  For example,there is a joke concerning learning chinese,In Chinese, "niang" and "mother", is refers to the mother.At the beginning of a British students to China to learn Chinese, in a campus attracts a beautiful Chinese girl.So he wrot…


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MandarinGarden Chinese teacher tell you the different Christmas gifts of countries

Britain: British is the most pay attention to eat at Christmas, food includes roast pigs, Turkey, Christmas pudding, Christmas chopped meat pie, etc. Every family has a gift, as well as servants, all the gifts are distributed on Christmas morning. Some sing Christmas singers sing along the doors going caroling, they will be host inside, with tea, or a small gift.

The United States: Because the United States is made up of many national peoples, so the situation is the most complex that…


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Come China for Christmas and learn Chinese language

Though Christmas is very popular in China at present, but with Christmas in the west have obviously difference, full of strong "Chinese flavor".

Due to the introduction of foreign culture, in China, in addition to attach importance to each of the lunar festival, the Christmas period, you can see a western cultural grand atmosphere: busy downtown streets, shops, hotels, are decorated, countless Santa Claus, Christmas trees and Christmas gifts decorated with the whole city, make a person…


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To watch TV and learn Chinese in Shanghai

China's film and television market is huge,and the actors of Korean dramas star to play in China’s TV series, with the south Korean TV broadcast in China, also let more Korean stars to learn Chinese in Shanghai, and Interact with Chinese audiences. The recent popular "Healer" actress park min young said in an interview that she is learning Chinese recently.

Today, south Korean actors to have development in overseas should not only learn English, more important still is learning…


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Is it difficult to learn mandarin in Shanghai?

Is it difficult to learn mandarin in Shanghai?Chinese characters learning has its regularity, and spell the word is the biggest advantage. To some extent, the meaning of each character is basic fixed,, spell characters into words can create new words. Such as with the character "花", "鲜花", "红花", "桃花", "石榴花", etc., by superposition of some simple adjectives.

Although Chinese differs from English, German, almost no tense change, no gender change, no subject-predicate changes, no quantity…


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Language Chinese learning skills

With China's position in the world more and more important, many foreigners choose to come to China. And the international metropolis - Shanghai as the window of China to meet many foreigners every year. It makes the popularity of language Chinese swept across all over the world, there are many Chinese learning way, also…


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Do you know what is HSK?

Chinese Proficiency Check (HSK) China was tested for non-native Chinese people (including foreigners, 

abroad Chinese & Chinese minority examinee) national standard examination of Chinese proficiency. HSK 

from Beijing Language & Culture University HSK organization design & development, including the basic

 Chinese language proficiency check (abbreviated as HSK (basic)), early, middle the Chinese Proficiency Check

 (abbreviated as HSK (primary, secondar…


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Necessary Skills living in China-language Chinese

Foreigners to study language Chinese has become a common phenomenon. Expatriates living in China has sixty thousand people, many of them will live and work in China for a long time, so they need to learn Chinese to adapt to Chinese life, and improve the work efficiency. But most foreigners will encounter pronunciation, writing and the complicated language system and many other difficulties in the process of learning , let them squealed. 

How to learn Chinese can improve efficiency and …


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Something you don’t know about Chinese learning

For foreigners,you need enlighten your on the perception of Chinese and transition to a state of Chinese learning and context to strengthen memory in learning to adapt to the language sense. 

Feel Chinese learning is a rather boring work? But there are so many interesting Chinese idioms and stories in history, and these stories are helpful to your Chinese learning. Here is one: Lu Ban and The Invention of the Saw.

In the very ancient history of China, Chunqiu period, there is a …


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To study Chinese experience the movies of China

What kind of way to studying Chinese for foreigners is the most effective and fastest? How foreigners learn the environment to use Chinese? When we learn English the most effective is watching English movies, is it possible to study Chinese by watching movies to imitate the Chinese pronunciation, learn street talks? Of course, the answer is yes, and by watching Chinese movies to learn Chinese and foreigners thinks it is a very effective method.

Learn a foreign language through movies…


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To learn Chinese by yourself cultivate pure authentic spoken Chinese

Many foreigners’ method to learn Chinese method mainly self-study, in the spare time have daily communication with friends and colleagues who are also learning Chinese. Topic selection can be simpler life content, such as eating, clothing, or the topic of entertainment. Also can communicate more familiar things with friends, such as talking about something about their own country, such as famous cultural landscapes and stories of historical celebrities, all these have strong situation and sto…


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What Things to know before you start to learn Chinese language

Hi everyone, my name is Julia. I’m here to help you learn Chinese language. I truly believe you could progress much faster if you have a sincere friend to help you. Let’s work hard together … and have fun together! Chinese language is not rocket science, learning it is an exciting adventure into a new eastern world.

If you want to learn Chinese, then Hanbridge Mandarin is the right website for you. We offer Mandarin Online Course and campus learning .Take a free trial lesson to learn…


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Chinese learning for foreigners insight into China

Now many foreigners consider came to China to get a job to complete their own ideal life. They came to China for economic development as well as contact a lot of charming Chinese culture, and even bring them back to their country, so the Chinese culture also will move towards the world. If you want to know China,at first need to start from the essence of Chinese culture - Chinese. There are more and more foreigners choose to understand the profound Chinese culture by Chinese learning,…


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Learning Chinese make study in China to become easy

Now many foreigners hope to come to China to work and study, but before that they must overcome a difficulty, is Chinese. Learning Chinese in Shanghai is not so easy, because China's culture is payed attention to the connotation, the same word used in different situations can express different meanings. Maybe this is the biggest charm of Chinese.

Thought that only Chinese family’s children interested in the overseas Chinese classroom,but the idea has to change now, because many Latin f…


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How to comprehensive learn Chinese

As China's comprehensive strength strong, more and more foreigners learn Chinese. Most of the foreign began to set up Confucius institute. Therefore, Chinese has become a common language spoken by the largest number of people around the world. Chinese is the language culture that has the oldest history of development, thick accumulation of five thousand years, attracted people from all over the world.

Language is a tool for exchange of ideas, in addition to native language, if you can …


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How to learn write Chinese characters

Learning is endless for people. A lot of foreign celebrities in their own has reached a peak, start to learn Chinese. This is in order to their culture be able to better inheritance, and the same Chinese is a beautiful language, such language use the lifetime to learn is not enough. Printed Chinese characters are not the same as hand written Chinese characters. Many foreigners make the mistake of just to learn copying the Chinese characters from a book. That is not how Chinese characters are…


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Chinese learning is to learn the most beautiful language

China's heritage is in addition to the Chinese culture, Chinese language also has been spread so far. Chinese began to gradually popular trend in the world, more and more people come to China’s central city - Shanghai, started the way of Chinese learning.

When foreigners want to better understand the local conditions and customs of China and understand Chinese consumer psychology, Chinese learning is the best way. But foreigners are faced with a lot of confusion, Chinese tone and…


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